Record your trips into unique travel stories

Team L&M In what is being considered a must have for frequent road travellers and adventure junkies, a unified story-telling platform KOGO has been launched. The platform has an AI-powered KogoAPP and a sensor rich KOGO (Bot) which records where you go and converts it into unique travel stories that can be easily edited, shared and […]Read More

Consciously, be positive

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha Are the current times haunting you? Are you rigged with constant fear? The fact that there is, till yet, no cure to the Chinese Virus, making you spend sleepless nights? Aren’t we all? But we must not let fear rule over us. It is difficult do that but therein lies the challenge […]Read More

A “jini” to solve your online streaming problems

Team L&M To help people find what to watch, where to watch and whether to watch or not on various streaming platforms, Flixjini has launched its services in India. The aggregator provides information on streaming content from sources such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar and 25-plus other legal streaming providers. A user may persistently find […]Read More

Home remedies for hair and skin care during Coronavirus

Dr Blossom Kochhar Since we all our sitting at home and the air outside is getting cleaner, avoid washing your hair. We are not going outside as often as we used to so the hair aren’t getting polluted. So it’s better we let the natural oil in our hair do its magic and not use […]Read More

Free tarot readings for you

Here we go folks.. Tarot has always guided us to take best action possible. The current energies are reflected to an extent in this week’s readings. Many of us are spending more time at home which is the need of the hour. IT IS OKAY TO SELF QUARANTINE. Stay safe. Stay blessed. Stay happy and healthy. 🌸Image […]Read More

Creating raga while helping wife with domestic chores

Tarun Bhattacharya I am utilising the isolation period most creatively. I have my Santoor Ashram in USA and I take online classes from my studio in Kolkata and the classes are in full swing. Apart from my students across India taking online video classes, I have never spent so much quality time on social media […]Read More

Fight Corona: Recipes to boost your immunity system

Paramita Singh Coronavirus as an pandemic has already caused countries to lockdown for social distancing and prevention of its further spread. It is important to follow basic hygiene but there’s only so much that hand sanitisers can do. Hence, it’s imperative to boost immunity that helps prevent diseases like novel coronavirus. Our body has a […]Read More

Her own kid home, she nurses others’ in NICU

Ritika Arora Bhola While the entire nation is under lockdown due to outbreak of deadly coronavirus and people have been advised to stay at home and quarantine themselves, there are a few who are still working passionately, risking their lives to save others. One among many is this young mother of a five-year-old boy who […]Read More

Soothing some frayed nerves

Divya Saxena Corona Virus has adversely affected humans, both patients as well as those who are free from it. While the affect on the infected person is worse, the fear of it is no less. Many people have developed anxiety issues, further aggravated by the lockdown across the world. With people restricted to their homes, […]Read More

For now, it is reading, cooking and writing

GAUTAM GUPTA I live in New Delhi with my mother and a helper. Work is totally closed — our factory and store are closed till April 15. Only my design team is working with on new concepts and doing some research. At home, we try staying in our respective rooms and we are not allowing […]Read More