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OMG=Om Ganeshaiya!

Happiness Class or Curriculum. What an idea, Sir ji. Whose? HH the Dalai Lama, no less. Where? Delhi govt. schools, as models. And thanks to the most sauve Delhi culture-scene broadcaster Rajiv Mehrotra – he of the PBS fame – a documentary got made on the subject, recently screened at the IIC, Delhi. Dr Binay […]Read More


International Thalassemia Day: Experts talk about its prevention & management

Team L&M Thalassemics India and Thalassemia Patients Advocacy Group (TPAG) organised a hybrid session talking about the situation of Thalassemia management in India, and Initiatives taken by government bodies on the care and prevention of Thalassemia. May 8 is observed as International Thalassemia Day, every year. The day is devoted to raising awareness about Thalassemia […]Read More

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