You are Kalki: Avatar to the rescue

 You are Kalki: Avatar to the rescue

Jaspal Soni

We are very happy to announce the long-awaited publication of our first book, You Are Kalki: Avatar to the Rescue! by Jaspal Soni and Lois Drake.
In the East, there is much interest about Kalki — the 10th and final incarnation of Vishnu, the second personage of the Hindu Trinity, who has been prophesised to appear on the earth, riding on a flying horse with an arrow or sword drawn, during these turbulent times.  People believe that Kalki will rescue his devotees from their hopelessness and negative karma. The thinking is similar to the common belief by some people in the West about the second coming of Christ on a cloud.
The book has taken many months in the making. It is the story of six common individuals from various religions in India who find their divine power by contacting their Higher Selves and sending light into the world—thus unfolding and realizing their inner potential of Kalki, Buddha, Christ, also commonly known as the Higher Self in action. We hope the book will have broad appeal in your life, especially in India with large Hindu audiences.

The book is available in Kindle version and hard copy at Amazon, Flipkart and Bluerose.

For more information, please contact:
Chananda Cultural Society
7/5 Kalkaji Extension, New Delhi 11019
Email: [email protected]

Here is a short trailer of the book:


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