What’s happening in my life?

 What’s happening in my life?

Dr Priya Kaul

People across the world face a number of changes and disturbances with most of them being weird and ones that remain unexplained. These have direct effect on health and physical symptoms which make people wonder — what is happening in my life? There have been numerous speculations of what is happening around the world.

As we all understand, there are several frequencies the world works on. There is a concept referred to as Schumann Resonance (SR) which is the measurement of the vibration of the planet. In recent times, most of us have faced immense changes in our life and there are amazing energies hitting the earth at present. This can be credited to the sudden increase in the SR which is shot up to 130-150 Hz as compared to a normal of 7-8 Hz. There is a Russian website which tracks Schumann Resonances which are an unexplained phenomenon of psychosomatic occurrences.

So how is it going to affect us humans? The change and spike will have a direct impact on every individual in a different way and can lead to testing times for relationships as well. People are going to face a lot of changes — new options and doorways will open and old ones will close.

We have a spirit which is merged with the human body and also with the consciousness and energetic makeup of our planet. In order for us to stay in sync with the universe, and to be in line with the planetary composition and frequencies, our bodies will move into auto correct gear. This will help us recalibrate ourselves with the environment.

It is a matter of accepting these frequencies and consciously making an effort to absorb them, which will help in faster recalibration with the environment as also help the energies pass through us in a more effective manner. These frequencies and energies are going to have direct impact on the overall health and consciousness of humans across the world. This is a crucial time and as detoxing as this can be, it is important to receive energy healing which will help you release old energy and make place for the new. It is now time to get all the energy healing, exchange and pampering from time to time and improve your life. Use all the positive energies you can get and you will notice the difference in every aspect of life.

Listen to your body and let it align itself with the energies. May this event bring to you immense love and success. A few simple ways that you could assist yourself to gain the most from these frequencies is by incorporating meditation, grounding or earthing, and by simply loving yourself and caring for your body. All of these will encourage you and will allow for better energy flow.

Still confused how to help yourself, looking for assistance or to know more and to learn how to deal and benefit from this surge of energy, please feel free to reach out to us.

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