To eliminate negatives from life, recite Violet Flame

 To eliminate negatives from life, recite Violet Flame

What is Violet Flame?
Violet Flame, lau, fire or light is a powerful spiritual energy that can clear energy blocks within our bodies. It is a new alchemical science that has miraculous healing qualities for mind, body and soul. The Violet Flame mantras can be used by people of any religion without having to change their beliefs or family traditions.

How does the Violet Flame work?
The inner workings of Violet Flame are based on a solid scientific foundation. By reciting violet flame mantras, we can eliminate negatives of our life and change them into a positive asset. It helps us to forgive ourselves and others for any and all wrong doings.

What are the benefits of reciting Violet Flame mantras?
The Violet Flame mantras permanently erase negative records from our memory body. These mantras replace energies of non-forgiveness, anger, hatred, and painful memories in us and restore native positive qualities. The mantras can increase personal productivity in us at all levels. There are many violet flame mantras that can be recited.

Here is a simple Violet Flame mantra:
I AM a being of Violet Fire
I AM the Purity God Desires!
“I AM” means OM or the living Presence of God, I AM, in Me. Violet fire comes from the universe we live in, personified by Nataraj or Shiva who is known for destroying the negativity. 

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