The Ascended Masters: Your friends in high places!

 The Ascended Masters: Your friends in high places!

The ascended masters are sons and daughters of God who have realised themselves as joint heirs of divine consciousness. These saints and sages from both East and West exist in the living Spirit of God that ministers to God’s children on earth.

The ascended masters know what challenges we face as we journey upward on the spiritual path. They’ve walked where we walk and done what we’ve done. They are the way-showers who have graciously chosen to guide us if we choose to be guided. And their teachings and tools are always practical.

The title “ascended master” is simply a new way of referring to the timeless beings, gods and goddesses, angels, devas, and Buddhas that we have known since our earliest yearnings for God.

Here are a few pictures of the countless ascended masters.

The teachings of the ascended masters are timely and timeless!

The world appears to grow more challenging and perilous every day. It can seem a lonely and joyless place. So where can we turn when help and hope seem scarce? We must rely on our family and friends, and these include the ascended masters!

What these great friends have to share with us is always relevant. They know the way home, and their practical and timely assistance will help us get there, too.

Get to know the ascended masters!

If you would like to learn more about the ascended masters and how they can help you on your spiritual journey, we offer below website resources that can offer you an opportunity to discover a wealth of information about the very close and personal friends you have in high places.

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