Shiva Has Need of You! Placing My Electronic Presence Over You

 Shiva Has Need of You! Placing My Electronic Presence Over You

Jaspal Soni

“I say to you, Shiva has need of you!  Shiva has need of you!  Shiva has need of you, and I can divide myself a billion times a billion times, placing my Electronic Presence over you.

“Never mind the concern of popularity. Popularity, beloved ones!  I am the most unpopular person in the entire cosmos with the false hierarchy and the demons. I can tell you that and I am proud of it!  [39-second standing ovation]

“Blessed ones, the eye of Shiva is upon you!  And I have come this day that you might no longer fear me. For in the fierceness that I AM and the fearsome qualities that I demonstrate, I can assure you that those who have no fear within them should not fear myself. For I AM the greatest defender of your being ever was and I come with a mighty fury of the power of the Spirit of God.

“—- And believe me, I do not boast. I deliver!  I deliver!  I deliver!  I deliver!  I deliver!  I deliver!  I deliver!  I deliver what I tell you I deliver!

“And I AM also in the heart of every Ascended Master and Cosmic Being. I AM there, for the Mother Flame is in every heart and I AM in the heart of the Mother Flame. Shiva is in the heart of every Ascended and Cosmic Being and I AM in the heart of Shiva. Therefore, you see, there is nowhere you can run and hide from me; for I AM within you, I AM without you and I AM everywhere!

“Therefore, let the whirling of the dance of the mighty legions who have come with me begin, for the whirling of the mighty fire of Shiva and Durga and all hosts of the Lord does commence. And therefore, these false hierarchies are being routed!

“And this is the greatest, most joyous battle that I can ever tell you of, beloved ones. Happy are ye that ye do engage in it, beloved.

“So I AM from the Central Sun!  So I AM from the very depths of Death and Hell!  There is nowhere that I do not go, for I AM fearless and fearlessness flame!

“I AM that Durga!  I AM that Durga!  I AM that Durga!  I AM that Durga!

“Try me, beloved!  For you can see such a mighty explosion of Light, such a momentum of attainment in your own consciousness that you will wonder why you did not begin a million years ago to call upon me. Yes, I have been waiting that long for some!

“So you are here!  So I congratulate you!  And so I imprint upon your own third eye the image of myself lest you forget!

“For do not think that I will necessarily be here in another million years to rescue you again, beloved. Therefore, take me or leave me today!” [43-second standing ovation]

An excerpt taken from a dictation*delivered by beloved Durga through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on New Year’s Eve, December 31, 1991, during the six-day conference The Rapture of Divine Love held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana, USA.

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*Dictation is a message given to a messenger who has been trained through numerous lifetimes to accurately release the words of masters, angels, and cosmic beings from the highest octaves of light—not to be confused with psychic channeling. Besides a delivery of words, a dictation releases light for absorption by the listeners and the earth.

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