Your Seven Energy Centres: A Holistic Approach to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Vitality

 Your Seven Energy Centres: A Holistic Approach to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Vitality

An extremely useful pocketbook for the spiritual seekers

Jaspal Soni

Your body has seven energy centres or chakras. The network of the chakras forms a road map that can help you explore your physical, emotional and spiritual worlds. For there is much more to you—and to your vitality—than meets the eye!

Your energy chakras operate at subtle level, invisible to the physical eye. Yet they affect every aspect of your life, including your vitality, your creativity and your well-being. In simple terms, you can think of your chakras as receiving –and sending –stations for the energy that flows to you, through you and out from you moment by moment.  Each chakra is like a step-down transformer that translates this powerful energy from Spirit to a different level of your being, nourishing body, mind and soul. Each chakra has a unique part to play in the process of your daily living and spiritual growth.

Your seven major chakras are situated at etheric levels of your being along the spinal column at the base of the spine, midway between the base and the navel, at the navel, the heart, the throat, the brow and the top of the head as shown.  The energy of the base-of-the-spine chakra enables you to connect with the earth and nature and to stay grounded and practical as you master the day-to-day, physical level of existence. Along with the seat-of-the-soul chakra, it governs your sexuality. Through the seat-of-the-soul chakra, you also receive your gut reactions and hunches.  Through the solar-plexus chakra, your centre of peace, you express and master your emotions and desires.

Your heart centre inspires you with compassion and generosity to be love in action. Through the throat chakra, you have access to tremendous power of will and the spoken word to create personal and world change. Your third–eye chakra enables you to focus, see a situation clearly and tap into the highest truth. And through the crown chakra, you engage your intellect, receive those sudden flashes of illumination and experience enlightenment.

The chart below shows the shape, color and number of petals of each chakra. It also lists a simple violet flame mantra on top of the page (I AM A being of Violet Fire, I AM the purity God Desires) that you can give along with corresponding mantra for each chakra several times a day for their purification. Please note that the colors of each chakra, shown in the chart, represent how these vibrant vortices of light would appear at spiritual levels if they were working at peak performance. Therefore, it is important when meditating on the chakras to concentrate on the pure and original color patterns.

Remember your chakras are points of contact with dimensions of your being beyond the physical, and yet they mesh with the physical. They are coordinates, so to speak, of Spirit right within your own bodies.  They are the gateways to your Spiritual Self (Atman or Higher Self). When you understand how these chakras work, you can work with them to bring your mind and emotions back into balance with your true nature.

Here is a short video clip on seven chakras by Elizabeth Clare Prophet:

Note: The book Your Seven Energy Centres: A Holistic Approach to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Vitality by Elizabeth Clare Prophet and Patricia R. Spadaro is available online from Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. It is also available from the Chananda Cultural Society.

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