The purification (demagnetisation) of the Earth Body

 The purification (demagnetisation) of the Earth Body

Jaspal Soni

“Legions of the Great Central Sun Magnet, so the hour is come.  Let the demagnetization of earth begin. Let the spiral begin now! Let the spiral begin, therefore, that does rise from the center of the earth, where the Great Central Sun Magnet does place the focus of itself. (Only a small percentage of that magnet can be sealed in the center of the earth.)

“Cuzco stands forth with Surya in this hour, and Maitreya does come. And you understand the need for the fire in-folding itself in the heart of the earth to pull from all of the precipitated planetary body, all of the physical earth—to draw into itself that Darkness.

“Thus, it is an all-consuming fire. And by the thread of Light, by the tube of Light from the heart of the earth to the Sun, there is siphoned from the earth therefore great Darkness that has shrouded every atom and molecule of earth with the vibration of the fallen ones.



“It is for the purification of the earth body that we come. It is for the purification, the transmutation of illusion, the removal of the cause and core of the very consciousness of world condemnation. World condemnation, beloved, is a burden upon all elemental life.”

(This dictation by Zarathustra and Archangel Uriel and Aurora was delivered through the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet on Friday, October 11, 1985, during the six-day Golden Harvest Conference held at Camelot in California, USA, and is published in the Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 28, No. 48, December 1, 1985, Copyright © 2020 Summit Publications, Inc., All rights reserved.)

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