Now, a podcast by Deepak Chopra

 Now, a podcast by Deepak Chopra

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Indian-American wellness expert and integrated medicine pioneer Deepak Chopra is coming up with his podcast, Deepak Chopra’s Mind Body Zone: Living Outside the Box on Audible. It will have twelve 30-minute episodes. The first episode will be out on September 16.

The podcast features Chopra’s conversations with a wide cross-section of people like Oprah Winfrey, Jon Batiste, X Gonzalez, Jenny Odell among others.

Each episode explores how connecting the mind to the body can promote physical and emotional well-being, creativity, inspiration and help in resolution of conflicts. Each episode is tied to a specific theme like embracing the unknown, self-acceptance, white privilege, and overcoming trauma and addiction, etc, have a guided meditation

“Over the course of my life, I’ve had the privilege of learning from brilliant friends and inspiring individuals, while discovering how to connect with my deeper self,” says Chopra, adding that there is immense power behind the spoken word. “Emotions are tethered to the human voice. This is why I chose to share my insights and experiences through the audio medium. Through storytelling, shared dialogue and guided meditations delivered in my own voice and the voices of others, I hope to create a deeply intimate, sensory listening experience for audiences,” he adds. Chopra has so far authored 90 books.


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