Many faces of pride…

 Many faces of pride…
  1. Self‐idolatry or idolatry of others
  2. Putting people in a hierarchy of who is better than who, or more important, and then treating people differently depending on who they are in “hierarchy”
  3. Prejudging people based on their grooming, dress, skin color,
  4. Changing the way you act depending on who you are talking to
  5. Ignoring the “little people”
  6. Pride of place or position
  7. Thinking you  are  more  important  than someone else because of the kind of work you do
  8. Thinking that you are better than others
  9. Inordinate self‐esteem
  10. Putting yourself or someone else down
  11. Disdainful attitude and demeanour
  12. Nose in the air or looking down your nose at others
  13. Patronizing or talking down to others
  14. Using words you know someone doesn’t understand
  15. Manipulating others to get what you want
  16. Controlling situations and not sharing responsibility
  17. Thinking you have to do everything because no one else can do it better
  18. Not giving others the opportunity to help or assist you
  19. Being unwilling to share your knowledge, so that you can maintain control
  20. Not being able to work with others, unable to compromise or give in
  21. Refusing to change or to consider that you might need to change
  22. Shouting or yelling in anger or aggravation
  23. Pointing out others’ mistakes in a blaming tone
  24. Thinking a person “should know better” and using a demeaning tone of voice toward them or about them
  25. Using a tone of voice that indicates irritation
  26. Sarcasm
  27. Always insisting you are right
  28. Not admitting you are wrong
  29. Having to have “the last word”
  30. One‐upmanship
  31. Having a sense of self‐importance
  32. Being preoccupied with yourself
  33. Always needing to be the center of attention
  34. Drawing attention to yourself
  35. Talking too much, or talking about yourself all the time
  36. Thinking others are thinking or talking about you
  37. Having a “What can you do for me?” attitude
  38. Having a “My brother is my keeper” attitude
  39. Thinking you are above the Law, or a “special” son or daughter of God
  40. Being easily offended
  41. Being overly sensitive or insensitive
  42. Not forgiving yourself or others
  43. Ingratitude
  44. Thoughtlessness
  45. Not realizing that you have pride or a problem (spiritual blindness)
  46. Being dishonest with yourself and others
  47. Taking credit when it is not due or for others’ work or efforts
  48. Bragging
  49. Being vain, looking at yourself in the mirror a lot
  50. Displaying your talents, clothes, money, looks
  51. Being overconcerned with appearances and other people’s opinions
  52. Non‐resolution with God
  53. Non‐surrender to the will of God
  54. Not trusting others, God, the messengers and the masters
  55. Being a workaholic and wanting praise for all that you do, or accumulating so many tasks so that people think you’re great because you do so much
  56. Needing to rescue others from their problems
  57. Overworking yourself, pushing yourself beyond what your body can handle
  58. Not taking care of your physical body or inordinate concern about the care of the body
  59. Not paying attention to your inner child
  60. Lack of self‐esteem
  61. Feeling unworthy
  62. Being insane or acting crazy

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