How to leverage your intuition for better decision making

 How to leverage your intuition for better decision making

In this age of big data, businesses are operating solely on facts, statistics and spreadsheets. It’s considered wise to ignore your emotions and establish your business decisions based entirely on numbers.

While it seems practical to count on logic and data in the business world, rejecting your emotions and gut instinct not only makes your enterprise lack the much required “human touch”, but also accounts for fallible and unprofitable business decisions.

Can you count the number of times you said “I knew this would happen!” after an incident for which you were expecting better results? Can you count the number of times you ignored your gut feeling and relied on other people’s opinions?

Your intuition is your inner wisdom. It is the accumulation of all of your perceived senses, past experiences, and instinct. It provides you with instant answers without making you realise the reason behind it.

According to surveys, prime industry leaders leverage their intuition combined with data to find the best solutions for high-risk situations. Thus, building this skill is an utmost necessity for those at the top.

5 Easy Ways to Leverage Your Intuition for Better Decision Making

A part of your intuition comes with time and experience. However, you can build a solid foundation for strengthening and taking confident decisions based on your instincts with practice.

Here, we have mentioned a few simple steps using which you can leverage your intuition for better decision making –

Make the best out of rapid cognition.

We tend to overthink our decisions which acts as a barrier in the process of trusting our gut. While overthinking, we dramatically change our thought patterns every second and thereby, reach no solution.

Rapid cognition is one of the best ways to avoid overthinking and have a clear-cut idea about your instinct. It is also a great way to carve confidence in making quick decisions.

Start by writing two options on a sheet of paper. Let the paper sheet sit on your desk for the next 2-4 hours.

After the designated duration, come back to the sheet and choose one of the options by marking it with a pen. Chances are you may not like the decision, but it’s what your subconscious mind believes is the best for you.

Don’t confuse intuition with fear.

The second major way to leverage your intuition is to not confuse it with fear and anxiety. Often, your brain and body work in collaboration and attempt to refrain you from attending an important event relevant to your career and business.

A large group of people feels anxious, stressed, and afraid before important meetings and reaching out to a new client. Fear brings constricting energy. It minimizes your potential by restricting you to show up for important breakthroughs in the anticipation of avoiding rejection, loss, and danger.

Intuition, on the other hand, liberates you. It motivates you to make a decision even if it involves taking risks for bigger outcomes. It brings positive, exciting, and relaxing energy that guides you as a mentor and steers your process in your best interest.

Declutter your mind.

A busy and decluttered mind is an inhospitable environment for intuition. Your instincts and gut feelings require peace and tranquility. Thus, give your brain some space to tap into your inner wisdom.

Activities like meditation, deep breathing, listening to calming music, and going for a walk in nature can help your mind declutter and be ready to provide higher inspiration.

Examine and try out your choices.

One may experience difficulty while using intuition as a decision-making tool in the first few days. Make your process easier by playing it out.

Take two of your top choices and appoint the next 2 days each for them. For the first 2 days, as if you have chosen option A. Now, record your feelings and emotions during these 2 days.

Do the same with option B on the third day. At the end of the experiment, weigh down your reaction and experiences of these two choices and conclude with the best decision for you.

Keep your gut in check.

Our body responds to different situations in its own way. Focusing your attention on your stomach can tell a lot about your instincts about a particular situation.

Pay attention to your gut while finalising an important decision. Analyse if it relaxes or tightens. You can also fireproof your instincts by flipping a coin. Flip a coin and experience how it feels in your stomach to choose this particular option.

Way to go…

Intuition mixed with data provides a full proof plan for your decision-making strategy. It’s a gifted trait that you are resisting this moment. With the help of the ways mentioned in this article, you can finally realise it’s potential and leverage intuition for better decision making.

Sidhharrth S Kumaar, the Founder of NumroVani, is a registered pharmacist turned into an Astro Numerologist.
He started learning occult sciences at the age of six, after reading and researching on occult sciences and its application to the contemporary world for around one and half decades and has been practicing this for around eight years. He helps individuals and businesses in solving real-life problems using the hidden gems of occult sciences, with primary emphasis on preventive approaches and personalized holistic wellness
programs for individuals, based on their date of birth and name.


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