Individualised god presence: A Hindu perspective!

 Individualised god presence: A Hindu perspective!

Jaspal Soni


The chart here shows three figures: (1) the upper figure, (2) the middle figure, and (3) the lower figure. The profile of the combined three figures is called Brahman or Ahm Brahamasmi. It is also called the I AM Presence or the Omni Presence of God individualised in each one. What it means is that every person has a potential to out-picture the divine qualities of Brahman as God-Self.  Since God is both masculine and feminine in polarity, everyone has the potential to master and manifest the balanced qualities of God-Self as Father and God-Self as Mother, known as OM or AUM (Alpha – the Spirit or Father and Omega – the Matter or Mother in YOU).
There are seven concentric spheres of light surrounding the Brahman, called the Causal Body or the Body of First Cause. These are the treasurers of light accrued by the soul through good karma in all past lives which are accessible today.
The chart shows a white cord of light connecting the three figures. This energy of the Causal Body in the upper figure is available to the soul through the middle figure to be used today through proper attunement with God in the spirit-matter universe. The upper figure represents the energy/ consciousness of Paramatman as the power of God to co-create with Brahma (known in Hinduism as the Creator). The middle figure represents energy/ consciousness of Paramatman as the wisdom of God to sustain or co-preserve with Vishnu (known in Hinduism as the Preserver). The lower figure surrounded by the violet agni represents the energy/ consciousness of Paramatman as the love of God to transmute the negativity in the soul into positive energy with Shiva (known in Hinduism as the Destroyer).
The middle figure is your Atman, you Higher Mind and the Voice of Conscience is immortal. The Higher Mind can also be visualised in the personified consciousness of any deity. In this chart, it is depicted as Vishnu Consciousness. Your Atman has a masculine polarity and has an intimate relationship with your soul (jeev-atman) who has a feminine polarity. Actually, the soul is a small part of Atman that descended in time and space a long time ago to master the energies of spirit-matter universe. In the process, she got farther and farther away from her first love, Atman. The soul has a free will and until she chooses to reunite with Atman, she is mortal. As the inner teacher of the soul, Atman mentors the soul and teaches her how to raise her vibration in purity.
The Presence of Paramatman imbibes in your heart as a tripartite flame, called the threefold flame or Jyoti (light). The three colors of the flame about one-sixteenth of an inch in height are blue, yellow and pink representing God as power (Brahma), wisdom (Vishnu), and love (Shiva) respectively. Your soul is considered mortal until it purifies itself, raises her vibration and reunites first with Atman and then with Paramatman in the ritual of Moksha or freedom from the non-realities of Maya.
The lower figure is you, the soul, surrounded by the protective white light of purity and the magnificent light of the violet agni. The violet agni transforms the negative karmic energy into positive energy when invoked. Thus, the soul fulfills her fiery destiny and achieves her victory over mortality.

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