Who are you? The identity of your True Self

 Who are you? The identity of your True Self

The mystical heart of the world’s religions is the identity of the True Self. The understanding of the Self is the most important insight that any individual can have in life. The Self begins with the permanent atom of being, the cause out of which the effect proceeds. We call this cause the I AM Brahman, Ahm Brahmasmi, I AM Presence, OM TAT SAT OM, I AM THAT I AM or simply OM or I AM.

This Real Self is seen in relationship to the evolving self on the charts (attached) that are called the Charts of Your Individualised Divine Self. These charts illustrate so many of the cosmic truths that have been discovered by the great mystics of East and West.

Each chart has three parts and, in a sense, could be called the trinity of your identity.



Your I AM Presence
First, there is the upper figure, which is a sphere of light called the “I AM Presence.” To Hindus, it is Brahma. Buddhists call it the Dharmakaya, Sikhs call it Waheguru, Parsis call it Ahura Mazda, while Christians think of it as God the Father. It is the Spirit of God individualised for each one.


Your I AM Presence is surrounded by seven concentric spheres which make up your causal body (i.e., body of cause). These spheres of pulsating spiritual energy contain the record of all your good works. They are like your cosmic bank account. Your I AM Presence is a part of your being right now; it is not removed, it is not separated from you in time and space.

Your Higher Self
Between the sphere of light above and the soul (jeev-atman) evolving below is the consciousness of the mediator. The mediator is that portion of the Self that can translate to the imperfect soul (jeev-atman) something of the perfection of the I AM THAT I AM. It is that portion of your being that is real enough to stand in the holy Presence of God.



We call this mediator the Higher Self, the Higher Mental Body, the Real Self, the Krishna or Vishnu Consciousness, the Guru Nanak Consciousness, the Holy Christ Self, or Inner Man of the Heart.

Depending on your spiritual tradition, you can think of this Mediator as your chief guardian angel, your inner guru —Higher Self, Atman, Khalsa, Satnam, Positive Mental Attitude, Immaculate Concept, the voice of conscience—and always as your dearest friend.

You – The Living Potential of God
Your soul (jeev-atman) is evolving on the spiritual path in time and space. It is the part of you that is mortal—but that can become immortal. The violet flame is depicted in the Charts of the Presence around you. The violet flame is a high-frequency energy of forgiveness. It is the presence of Shiva—the Holy Spirit. It’s a spiritual alchemy.



Around the violet flame is the protective white light of God known as the tube of light. You can apply the science of the spoken Word to call forth that tube of light as a protection, sealing your aura, sealing our chakras from the heavy weight of darkness around.

The shaft of white light descending from the I AM Presence through the mediator to the lower figure in the charts is the crystal cord (sometimes called the silver cord). It is the “umbilical cord,” the lifeline that ties you to the Spirit above.



The Purpose of Your Soul’s (Jeev-atman’s) Evolution
The purpose of your soul’s (jeev-atman’s) evolution on earth is to grow in self-mastery, balance your karma, fulfill your mission (dharma) on earth and make your ascension (moksha) in the Light. The end of all your incarnations is to become your Real Self, so that you return to the spiritual dimensions that are your Real Home.

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