Hope ends fear

 Hope ends fear

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Saumya was studying to be an artist. She wanted to be one since her childhood. Paints and colours always attracted her. But her parents were not happy about her decision. Though they got her admitted to an art college, they had made their disagreement well known to her. Not exactly their fault, though. Both her father and mother were college professors and wanted Saumya to be one. Art, they thought, was too trivial, and hardships in the life of an artist they were aware of pretty well.

Saumya, though distraught by her parents’ disapproval, didn’t lose hope. One day both mom and dad will understand me and realise that what I am doing is no less than any other course of studying, she always thought to herself. She worked hard and in the last year of her college put up a show of her paintings, which was appreciated by one and all. Her works were widely covered by the Press, and Saumya became a small celebrity in her neighbourhood. That was the day, she saw the first smile of contentment in her father’s eyes.

Hope is something we all must keep within us, no matter what situation we are in. When the times are tough, as they many times will be, hope is something we need to focus on. Hope is a candle that lights the dark alley of self-doubt and disbelief. There are other things that you must focus on, when faced with failure and dejections. They are:

Belief in self

Do not underestimate your strengths, rather identify and enhance them. Remember nothing is impossible, believe you can do it and you will surely do it. When weaknesses overwhelm you, go intrinsic. Ponder on the reasons of failure and seek help, if required.  Absolutely no one is perfect, and remember, achievers are the ones who believe in themselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong in failing, the wrong is when you refuse to start afresh after failing.

Surround yourself with positive people

Be with people who have positive attitude towards life and its problems. As they say, man is known by the company he keeps, being amidst happy and positive people will make you happy and positive. It will then be very easy for you to start believing in yourself.

Keep a happy demeanour

Always walk around with a smile, and make eye contact with those you pass in the hallways. Be friendly, pleasant and nice, even to those who work for you or those who provide service to you like the cab driver and the domestic help. Be kind, civil and respectful towards everyone out there. Also, cultivate the habit of listening to others. You never know what you get to learn from listening to others.

Don’t give up

No matter what the odds are, don’t give up. Keep at it. And there is no reason why you won’t succeed. No one has had it easy in life, and you won’t too. You will encounter setbacks and roadblocks, but being persistent and patient will help you achieve your goals.

Draw inspiration from seniors

Read books on great leaders or watch biographical movies. Knowing about the hardships achievers faced will give you mental strength to not deviate from your chosen path.


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