Heart Chakra, Hardness of Heart, Unmerciful Heart and Forgiveness

 Heart Chakra, Hardness of Heart, Unmerciful Heart and Forgiveness

“The heart chakra is not the chakra of the threefold flame. The threefold flame is sealed in a chamber that is behind the 12 petals chakra. The chamber is located in the 8th chakra that has eight petals. So if you can look as though you were looking off to the side of that chakra in the direction of the heart, where your heart would be, there is where you would position this 8-petal chakra. So first we must perfect divine love in the heart.

The pure power of this 12-petal chakra is the power of love. Any force of anti-love that we have ever qualified that is collected there will be a block to our expression of true divine love, compassion, charity, understanding, the givingness of ourselves. What usually collects at the heart chakra is what is called hardness of heart or the unmerciful heart.

The unmerciful heart never forgives. It may say that it forgives. People may say, “I forgive you”, but they hold bitterness and resentment not only for one lifetime, but for many lifetimes. The ability to forgive is the primary quality of Christ (Higher Self, Krishna Consciousness, Atman). When someone has a true capacity to forgive and forget and move on, you know that they have a developed Christ Flame (Threefold flame).

The unmerciful heart, unless it does change, unless it does enter into that true Spirit of Christ (Higher Self, Krishna Consciousness, Atman) forgiveness, will not see God, will not enter the kingdom (consciousness) of God. We need to truly search our souls to know if we harbor resentment toward any part of life. It is not easy to forgive, especially grave wrongs, wrongs involving life and death.

This is the grave danger of the unmerciful heart. It hurts most of all, the one who retains it. Hardness of heart is like a substance of concrete that encases the heart and doesn’t allow us to send out love. Hardness of Heart creates insensitivity to life. We no longer identify with another’s pain, but we expect everyone else to identify with our sorrows and our pains. Opening up the heart to the sufferings of humanity and to individual persons, we know providing comfort and care for them is the beginning of the melting of that granite that can encase the heart so that it cannot expand.

This is the condition of many today. And so if you would be a candidate for the ascension and for being initiated in the mystery schools of the Great White Brotherhood, you must take a look at your heart.



Either we learn our lessons for the love of God and his people or we learn them by experiencing pain and sorrow whereby we have grieved. We have suffered loss. We have suffered burden in our bodies and suddenly we have a knowing of how everyone else in the world has suffered and what other people have gone through. So pain is the other side of bliss. Those who do not love God or his Law, become angry at God for every calamity that comes upon them and they blame God for all the wrongs and ills of the world instead of seeing that we by freewill have created everything that takes place upon the planet.

When you come to the age of responsibility that you understand that everything has happened that has happened to you in your life is the result of you’re doing in this life or a previous life,  you are about to

begin the walk of the responsible son and daughter of God. You’re about to turn around and face the sun,  pick up all the debris you have scattered hither and thither carelessly and irresponsibly, put it into the violet flame and be accountable for how you have spent God’s limitless energy given to you.

I ask you to pour all the love of your being that you can feel and know for almighty God. In fact, I want you to forgive God for those things that you think he may have done to you for the loss of life, for the loss of a child or a loved one or other calamities.  Forgive God for the karma that you’ve brought with you in this life that is yours, not his. Withdraw from God in this moment all blame that you may feel for any circumstances that are not to your liking. This will be the moment of truly making peace with your God parents.”

(An excerpt from a lecture given by Elizabeth Clare Prophet on May 4, 1991 in Seattle, Washington, USA)

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