Need a healer? Become one yourself!

 Need a healer? Become one yourself!

Rajkumari Sharma Tankha

Most of the people who know me from so many years ago know that I am a seeker in spiritual path. I know many methods and techniques that can heal, but when it comes to giving that healing to others, it is a big NO for me. Not that I didn’t approach healers myself. I did. In the beginning of my journey, I was too enamored by spiritual healing. I found it to be a panacea of all ills, and often wondered if it can resolve all problems why don’t spiritual healers use it more often – fully and wholly.

But as I learned more, I realised that no one can heal you but yourself. And today, this is what I firmly believe no one else, but only you can heal yourself.

Let me explain.

It is a known fact that each person has a close connection with their own psychology and their own mind and emotions and memories deeper than any outsider, even an expert healer. So why should you waste hours talking to others to find the roots of your problems when spending some time with yourself and going inwards can help you find what’s wrong. This means you can heal yourself. Only thing is you must know how to do it, I mean the modality has to be learnt.

It is knowledge which equips people on how to heal themselves, not depend on others. Learning to heal yourself not just removes dependence on others but also helps you save your greens since spiritual healers out in the market charge by the hour, and believe you me, the amount is hefty.

Also, moving on the spiritual path I have learnt that healing done by others is only temporary, the issues crop up again after sometime. It is only when one does it on the self that the root causes are tackled. Moreover, real healing happens only when you put in efforts for it daily, and no healer is free daily for you.  

Another thing is when someone else heals you, there is an exchange of karma – the problems and the negative energies in the aura of the two.

So, best would be that each of us starts learning how to help self, heal self. There are a number of spiritual modalities – Reiki, EFT, theta healing, body code, Quantum-Touch, Pranic Healing, chakra healing and so many other ways – and each one is equally equipped in learning them. Many methods can be learnt online that can really help you to get hold of negative emotions, thoughts and negative situations and traumas. There are thousands of books and articles and teachers ready to help you, only you need to see what really helps you and what resonates with you.

There is a very nice book on this by Louisa L Hay You Can Heal Your Life, which I suggest you must read. The Summit LightHouse also has some lectures by Guru Ma Elizabeth Prophet that talk about healing self. 


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