Four essential questions of life!

 Four essential questions of life!

Your spiritual journey hinges on the answers to four Very Important Questions

Who Am I?
You are a child of god. You are an evolving soul (jeev-atma) with your own Higher-Self (Atma) and I AM Presence (Paramatma or Brahm or Om) which has many different names in the religions of the world. You have the innate power to be a co-creator with god because all the power you use to think, to act and to be flows from god.

Why Am I Here?
It is your birthright to become one with your individual I AM Presence (Paramatma or Brahm or Om) through the Higher-Self (Atma) and reunite with the heart of god. The journey home to god requires that you master your human nature and transcend its limitations. By doing so, you will fulfill your life’s goal and divine purpose, thus preparing yourself for your moksha (freedom or ascension in the light).

Where Am I Going?
The goal of life is the freedom or moksha which is the union of your soul (Jeev-Atma) with the Higher-Self (Atma) and finally the I AM Presence (Paramatma or Brahm or Om). Through this process, you will return at last to where your soul’s journey began so very long ago — Home. It is through this process that you will take your place among the company of ascended masters. This is what you are preparing for; it is where you are going.

How Do I Get There?
Follow the ascended masters. These great saints and sages of East and West have walked where you walk. They know the trials and tribulations you face, and they are committed to helping you find your way home. They offer clear and practical tools such as the violet flame and powerful mantras for overcoming human limitations and guiding you back to God through the process of moksha or ascension.

Finding Answers
Chananda Cultural Society is dedicated to facilitating the spiritual quest of earnest seekers of truth in finding the answers to the Four Essential Questions and helping them to begin their journey on a path illuminated by the ascended masters so they can arrive at the ultimate destination of life with confidence and certainty.

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