About Black Brotherhood and False Hierarchy (Gurus) of India

 About Black Brotherhood and False Hierarchy (Gurus) of India

“I, then, address you now on the subject of the Black Brotherhood of India and of those who go way, way back to the time when Jesus and his disciples left Atlantis and went to the subcontinent of India. I call to mind, beloved, that there are many on that continent today that are of the false hierarchy that have been of the false hierarchy for thousands of years.

“I call to your attention, beloved, that India and the United States share a destiny, and yet the sharing of that destiny has not been seen in any major statement. And it is because before these peoples may come together to work their service for God on this planet, there must be exorcised from both continents fallen angels who disrupt and distort religion, politics, government and every aspect of life. This is a great burden to El Morya and to the Darjeeling Council as well as to myself.

“In these times you will find very few in India as well as in the United States who are truly unascended masters. It is high time that you elected yourselves to this goal, for the people in these two nations need leadership. They need to know that by a certain path, by mantra, by service, by the spoken Word they can lead their people away from the fallen angels and allow the people to see that they [the fallen angels] are not true gurus. It is because people are idolatrous and of an idolatrous generation that they immediately fall for those who are self-styled gurus who never quite teach them to go within and find the Guru. And therefore many, many are led astray.

“The calls that you have, which are the judgment calls and the calls to [cast out] the dweller as well as labors that you can set yourselves to for the binding of these false hierarchs, will accomplish much for the enlightenment of the entire world.

“The Himalayas have been the seat, and in the Himalayas you find archives transported there before the sinking of Atlantis, ancient texts of religion, ancient teachings. So the repository is there. So Mount Himalaya has been the gathering place of adepts, and it is there to which they found recourse in the earth movements and in the sinking of continents.

“In order for the seventh root race to succeed, this must be accomplished: the false guru must be exposed, beginning with the dweller-on-the-threshold of your own being. To cast out that idol is your first task. And when you do, you shall never again have idols, for you shall know that the living God lives in your temple and that he is sufficient unto you in all things.”

[13-second applause]

This dictation*by Unascended Master Babaji was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on June 30, 1995, in the Heart of the Inner Retreat in Montana, USA. Published as Pearls of Wisdom®, Vol. 47, No 5, February 01, 2004. Copyright © 2014 Summit Publications, Inc. All rights reserved.

*A dictation is a message given to a messenger who has been trained through numerous lifetimes to accurately release the words of masters, angels, and cosmic beings from the highest octaves of light—not to be confused with psychic channeling. Besides a delivery of words, a dictation releases light for absorption by the listeners and the earth.


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