Writing keeps me going

 Writing keeps me going

Yash Tiwari

I am focussing to look at the bright side and making efforts to maintain a positive outlook which is helping me sail through the lockdown days. Though the pandemic has disrupted my schedule, I owe the smooth working of things to technology. I am delivering seminars and webinars virtually, at national and international levels. Recently, I attended a webinar in Africa for the people of Nigeria, Cameron, Ghana, and other regions and mentored an online novel writing workshop. I have been delivering sessions for a national venture, proceedings of which entirely were donated to the relief funds for Covid-19 related issues. I have immersed myself in my work along with helping in the daily chores at home.

The quarantine phase has given me the opportunity and the time to work on my pending literary work. Penning down my thoughts is keeping me going. Additionally, I am also utilising his time for self-introspection, planning the future — what I would like to focus on, what I would start working on; basically, all those aspects which I didn’t have the chance to think before.

Since we are at home, I am trying to fight the laziness by exercising daily. I dedicate an hour or more every day to my fitness regime. I am also trying my hands at cooking, especially baking and have baked different types of cakes.

Overall, I am trying to keep myself busy and doing something productive so that there is no scope for negativity or gloominess to strike me. I hope things turn better soon and I urge everyone to stay home, stay safe.

Tiwari is an author and four times TEDx speaker


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