A few pieces of advice for budding women entrepreneurs from industry leaders

 A few pieces of advice for budding women entrepreneurs from industry leaders

As an entrepreneur, you must pull out all stops

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Life & More asked a few business-owners as to what advice would they like to give to budding women entrepreneurs, and this is what they have to say:

Madhumita Nath, Founder/Director of Ek Katha Clothing
Many a time women who are not into a tech /AI/ venture can get easily side-lined by investors. If you are in Fashion and cannot get your venture family funded, you are looking for investors for your venture, remember to stick to your beliefs, have a clear plan, know your venture inside out, and know the financials involved(I am a learner), be a ‘Boss’. When you know your product, and your value proposition you will find the right person to fund your venture. So, a lot of learning and keeping an open mind, networking and self-belief are what can take you to the next level. My self-belief is what is keeping me at it and hopefully will be ticking the right boxes for 2023.

Aakanksha Bhargava, CEO, PM Relocations Pvt. Ltd
My piece of advice to all the budding women entrepreneurs out there would be that no matter what pulls you down, you’d always have the capability to unlock the doors that confine you or thwart your journey towards growth. The only thing that will keep you uplifted is the consistency in doing what your heart desires with the right intent. No matter how challenging the times may get, there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.
In the society, a lot of people will tell you what you should do and what not to do and that there is a standard for all girls and women out there. This scenario may curb the professional choices and the financial decisions women make, keeping them away from pursuing what their hearts desire. But, in the end, we need to realise that one will only be able to succeed and perform in life if the heart and head are in the same place. So, when things seem to confuse you or put you in a comfort zone, go all out to do what you’re passionate about. Break free!
No matter what others may say, as a woman, you should always remember to use your personality to be your strength and not your weakness. We women are wired differently and as multitaskers. Thus, it is our strength to not just be empathetic but to manage everything seamlessly. The need of the hour is to recognise this worth of ours and prove before the world what we are capable of. Fill yourself with some positive affirmations and keep reinforcing them with every day. Stay focused towards your goal, research and strengthen your positive approach, do not be distracted by any hurdle that might fall in your way and keep the zeal to prove all those stereotypes wrong at the heart of it all.

Yulia Aslamova, Head of Asia, DRIM
It is tempting to believe that success can come to you in an instant when you hear about someone else’s success story. That is hardly true, considering all success tales involved a lot of effort. Success cannot be rushed, particularly for female business owners who must find the ideal balance between their personal and professional lives.
As a female entrepreneur, it is my responsibility to tackle every scenario with a goal-oriented and problem-solving mindset. This clears the air and helps one stay laser-focused on their main objective.
The next on the list is leadership ability; all successful businesses have been developed by exceptional individuals. I make sure my team has everything they need to grow and succeed. They should also be allowed to make their own decisions and be free to experiment. We collaborate to put the ideas into action in the most efficient ways possible.
Another key responsibility is to empower fellow females. At DRIM, 99% of the employees are female and we are building a strong women community where every single woman from any part of India, be it a student, be it a housewife with no experience, be it a returnee who can’t compete with others in getting jobs, at DRIM gets a chance to start over and utilize the talent in the most productive way.
Finally, one must have confidence in oneself. It’s important to consider suggestions, pay attention to feedback, and evaluate your work, but ultimately, only you can decide what’s best for your company. You can only develop and succeed if you have a growth mindset.

Arundeep Singla, the Chairman, and Managing Director, Alcostar Group of Companies
As a youthful and vibrant entrepreneur in the liquor industry, I always believed my accomplishments are a milestone that I’m reaching during my entrepreneurial journey. While hustling during my educational journey in Australia, I was introduced to the local brewery and pub culture that left a moving impact on me, since then I had a vision to start my own brewery and I indulged myself in gaining an extensive understanding of the beverage industry. Today, as the CEO of one the fastest growing alco-bev in India, Alcostar, I believe that the right intend and consistency to work towards the ultimate vision can help you succeed in life and take you to unimaginable heights.
My piece of advice to all the budding entrepreneurs out there would be, no matter what keeps you down, you should always work hard towards your goals. The only thing that will help you in achieving your goal is determination and consistency in your work. Regardless of how difficult things may become, simply maintain your composure and carry on the good work. When in doubt, follow your gut instinct and inner guidance.
In the society a lot of people give you opinions about your career and the choices you make. Be your own leader and stand for what you want to achieve in your life, work hard for them, make a solid plan, try to manage your finances, connect with new people, be creative in business ideas, gain knowledge from wherever you can, and just go for it. At last, believe in yourself and be your own hero.


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