We, as human beings, are healing

 We, as human beings, are healing

Anu Bhatia

This lockdown period has changed me in numerous ways. It started with fear and an uncertain low feeling. In the absence of maids and helpers, having to do all the work took a couple of days to sink it. Actually, we had been taking things for granted for so long. Just ordering everything around. As I started to get hold of things, I began enjoying smaller things that I did earlier in life.

Like my love for cooking which I had forgotten. It came back to me naturally. And here I am making all the delicious meals and everyone at home is loving every bit of it. My love for plants too had taken a backseat. I have now started home growing mint, tomatoes, coriander at home. Making manure from leftover tea leaves have added magic to my plants. They are healthier and beaming.
I consider myself lucky to be spending time with our loved ones, our kids. Playing Ludo or antakshari or just crazily laughing over is so much fun. I have never been so content.
It’s amazing to understand how little we need the materialistic things but keep running after them. And all this while we had been running to complete – projects, deadlines, grocery lists, dinners… But there is more to life. The only thing that matters is our loved ones are safe.
We, as human beings, are healing. We are changing for better. Even I have connected to self. Faith and patience, about which I read in religious books, have now come out practically in my life. I have full faith in the Supreme Power above us. And I have patience to wait so that our Mother Earth can heal itself  in due course of time. I am sure that we shall overcome this crisis but we must remember what all it has taught us.

Bhatia is a homemaker and an artist


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