We are the best versions of ourselves

 We are the best versions of ourselves

Smriti Khanna Mehra

With this unprecedented lockdown, we’re all stuck in our abodes, like animals caged in a zoo (well, almost). The dreaded C-word has had an indelible impact all across, and it’s not going yet!

On the professional front, with some projects suspended indefinitely, some fizzled out, future planning on a halt; managing home (without helpers), and home schooling my kid has taken centre-stage. With all the anxiety around, personally, I too experienced a flux of emotions.

Initially, I emerged like a warrior, braving through mundane chores in a jiffy, gorging on my misplaced gems (books), indulging in elaborate cooking – doing all things perfectly, counting my blessings, to keep myself in good spirits. Midway though it became the exact opposite – I would do nothing, and just bury myself in the inane phone, reflecting on past and mulling over the indefinite future.

After some resentful days, recently, the most positive ones emerged in the face of reality. Don’t know from where I became the most positive and wisest ever – while counselling a friend, then a family member, and confronting the reality around. I found that a family member was stuck (alone) in a red alert zone, at the extreme end of the town!

Things altered, I could feel the real anxiety yet found my resilience and repair mechanism to cope up. There’s turmoil outside and within, probably, aimed to churn the best out of us? We are designed to become the best versions of ourselves, in the grimmest times. Even while living with your family 24×7, there are some real lessons. We can survive in minimalism and smallest things make us the happiest.

We have to keep hope alive amidst chaos, learn to appreciate finer things, de-clutter our mind, pray every day for the distressed, cherish nostalgia, good times, and to live!

Smriti is a freelance PR and communications  professional



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