Utilise this time to bring about more positivity

 Utilise this time to bring about more positivity

Dr Priya Kaul

Life in quarantine is something none of us would have ever imagined. When I look at this situation, I have so many responsibilities as not only am I a healer but a mother, a wife and a daughter. There are so many roles I need to juggle 24×7.

My self-quarantine has been hectic but fun. I finally get to spend good amount of time with my family and am., at present, in a very good space with my husband and kids. It is hectic for sure but I am able to see the positivity my family holds even in a situation as grave as this. I see my children have grown up to be such positive souls which makes me happy.

As a healer, I have a responsibility on my shoulders to assist and bring about as much positivity as I can. Hence, my focus is to assist people with their issues and send healing powers to them. As my bit for society, I am focussed on starting a reiki session now where people are able to learn and are able to heal themselves. This I believe will allow people to not just help themselves but will also help assist others as well.

Let’s all utilise this time to get together and bring about more positivity among everyone. Our society, at present, needs more healers and more positivity. Each one of us can contribute to that positivity and fight this situation together as one big unit.

Dr Kaul is a spiritual life coach


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