Treat Mother Nature as our parent

 Treat Mother Nature as our parent

Kaushik Dutta

The day lockdown was declared, I was disappointed and worried with the thought — how to drag the day, locked indoors with minimal physical activities. I am passionate about three things — my exercise/ yoga, my professional work and my art.
From day 1, I planned my regimen with strict discipline. I kept up my habit of the last 40 years — to walk 5 km early morning. As the lockdown advice, Social Distancing was adhered, no chat during the walk. On way back home, any shopping of household goods was done. After breakfast, I started my kitchen garden patch with soil and compost. This is easier said than done. The labour involved though thrilled me with the exercise I am getting. This prompted me to arrange many more flower pots.
The menace of mosquitos during our families relaxing moments indoors drove me to another activity of cleaning and fogging the surroundings of the house which turned out to be an innovating solution to this discomfort. Tired from the chores, a siesta after lunch was such a welcome proposition.
After being updated by media with all the daily happenings in the country, I re-established the habit of watching a movie on TV.
My apprehension of boredom and restlessness of the lockdown evaporated. The present situation of self-regulation filled me with happiness. Quality time with family, healthy activities and mental contentment were the great benefits to be learnt, while fighting to defeat this deadly pandemic.
Hope we all unite as one and treat Mother Nature as our parent to live in a world we always dreamt of.

Dutta is founder and CEO, Intermix Marketing


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