Tomorrow is another day

 Tomorrow is another day

Deeba Salim Irfan

This is a difficult phase for people across the globe but I believe in the ephemerality of Covid-19 and I am a firm believer of Scarlett O’Hara’s words – ‘After all, tomorrow is another day!’
While we wait for the world to heal, we need to stay patient. The need of the hour is to stay in ‘Lockdown’, so no point brooding. Instead, I keep my mind calm with meditation.
I have realised after surviving a precautionary 14-day self-quarantine that it is important to have some ‘rhythm to my chaos’ or else, life can very quickly get derailed from ‘normal’ to ‘depressing’.
I am a late riser and I spend time with the newspaper while I have my light breakfast around noon and then time with ‘words’ in some format – writing or reading. I walk in our garden and follow my routine of hatha yoga in the evening. I ensure we have light but wholesome meals with a few family favorites a week.
We, as a family, spend time in the evening talking or playing. We like to play scrabble, chess, basketball, table tennis, cards or carom.  We have dinner together.
Post-that, I, along with my husband, binge watch Netflix/ Amazon Prime or plays on YouTube till late night. Once my husband sleeps, I am back to my reading or writing till I get sleepy which is usually by 3-3.30 am.
I take a deep breath and tell myself, ‘This Too Shall Pass!’

Irfan is a writer, an award-winning poet and a brand expert based in Dubai


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  • Dear Deepa,
    Nice to hear from you. Hope you all are doing well. Here situation in Mumbai is tense due to unprecedented crisis.

    Mankind had come to believe it could control life by its own independence, science, technology and manmade laws over godliness and ethics.

    We may now rethink our priorities and values.

    I am also reading.

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