Supporting those going through tough times

 Supporting those going through tough times

Arzoo Dutta

I stayed home the first three days of the lockdown — enjoyed being at home, little cooking, reading, sleeping, resting, watching TV news on updates, long hours on the internet and phone, mostly inertia of mind and body. I called and spoke to friends and family, texted some to be safe, video-called my little amazing grandchild. No physical restlessness or fidgety at all, thank god (perhaps my age helped to keep calm), but the mind worked ceaselessly. I worried about everyone’s health — physical and mental, social, economic — about the consequences that might come from a long period of isolation as it has thrown people’s life into chaos. Streets, normally bustling with people and traffic, stayed empty. Everything twisted suddenly after the announcement on March 24.

Although not a frontline worker, I am a public health professional so our services are utilised by the State Health Department in any way we can help. Started going to office from day 4.

In my spare time, which is plenty, I try to provide financial and other resource support to those who I could see going through a tough time, shopping for elderly who best stayed at home.

Time spent well and satisfying.

Dutta is a consultant with WHO


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