Soothing some frayed nerves

 Soothing some frayed nerves

Divya Saxena

Corona Virus has adversely affected humans, both patients as well as those who are free from it. While the affect on the infected person is worse, the fear of it is no less. Many people have developed anxiety issues, further aggravated by the lockdown across the world. With people restricted to their homes, unable to perform their regular tasks, and many not even working from home, life has become rather stressful.

To overcome this stress and spread bring in some tranquillity, a group of children and elderly residents of Ras Vihar, a housing society in Indraprastha Extension, has decided to do something creative. They have dedicated an hour in the evening for the purpose during which one member of the group plays a musical instrument or sings a vocal classical or soft music song, while being in his/her balcony. This happens daily between 7.00pm and 8.00pm.

The initiative was started by three kids namely Niyati Chetransh, 8; Shesh Shiromani, 11 and Devansh Goel, 14 who began playing Keyboard, Harmonium, Tabla and Guitar.

The residents lapped it up. In fact, the response is so positive that all the neighbours wait for that time in evening when the kids start playing their instruments

Watch the kids here:

Seeing the enthusiastic kids and the positive response they received from residents, elderly have now started getting involved. Shankararaman Raju who sings Carnatic Music from his balcony is the first one to join (

Everyone involved in this activity has a different viewpoint. Niyati student of Arwachin Bharti School says, “I started this initiative because I have learnt from my teachers that if we care for others, we too get cared by them. So to bring happiness to others I play keyboard.”

“Tabla is a good source to relax mind and fight against the trauma of corona,” says Shesh to which Devansh adds, “Music Can Heal The Wounds, That Medicine Cannot Touch, so why not use this power which could bring smile on others face”.

“I use to learn Carnatic music long back, but due to hectic life I had to give up this hobby of mine. Through this initiative of music to bring smile I am also reviving my forgotten skills,” says Shankararaman Raju.

Residents cannot be happier. They are all praise for the initiative started by children. They leave all their work at 7.00pm and come up in their respective balconies to listen to these children and adults.

“Children of our society are able to break this silence by playing different musical instruments beautifully from their respective balconies and definitely sending positive vibrations, changing our moods and ambience,” says Poornima Mudhol.

“Listening to melodious instruments of kids definitely relaxes the mind in this tense situation,” says another resident Anju Gulleria.

“It definitely fills us with a new zeal and daily we wait for 7.00pm as these kids start playing their instruments,” puts in resident OP Saxena.


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