Rethink, remodel, re-strategise

 Rethink, remodel, re-strategise

Rajat Thareja

Yes, these past few weeks have been about making changes and adapting to the new normal but I must admit it has been pretty interesting thus far. So with our business shut, I have all the time in the world to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and doing things which you otherwise would not find time to do under normal circumstances. If we were to leave aside the professional aspect, life is been extremely satisfying on the personal front.

I am cherishing the time that I am getting to spend with family and it makes it even more special when there are 14 family members living at the same address. Believe me, there is no room for boredom. The way we communicate with friends has changed. Long video conference calls with old friends from school and college who now are spread out across the globe have been therapeutic.

It is great fun to step out each morning to pick up fresh veggies from the local vendor. Eating habits have also changed for the better, home-cooked and more of greens has been the norm. I picked up the camera and revived my interest in photography, something I have always enjoyed.

There’s been a bit of disruption in my sleeping pattern, thanks to various available OTTs and endless hours of gripping content.

This lockdown has also forced us to rethink and remodel our business plans and strategy and brush up on our professional skills through extensive reading.

The one thing I surely miss is my morning tennis!

I want to sum up by saying – utilise this opportunity in the best possible manner, for soon enough we would be back to the grind!

Rajat is a partner in Skyy is into home textiles & decor



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