Respect Nature and be positive

 Respect Nature and be positive

Harsh Inder Loomba

We are almost at the end of the nationwide lockdown period. I am sure many a social and outdoor people must be finding it hard to be contained to the vicinity of their abodes. The need of the hour is to stay put to not only safeguard our families but all the people who are working selflessly to save us from this deadly outbreak.
The question arising about the state of mind in this unforeseen situation of lockdown has made me think that we (artists) are probably blessed souls. We are happy in solitude and look within for answers and inspirations. This is the time for me to bring out the imagination and touch the topic of our existence in this world, in harmony with Nature.

We are observing that this lockdown of humans has brought a fresh breath to our environment and animal kingdom. Skies and rivers are looking bluer and wild animals have been seen on the roads! We must ponder and learn to live as one with Nature and safeguard our planet.
I paint surrealistic figures and have painted Nature during my four decade journey. Nature has inspired me to move from landscapes to abstraction and minimalistic forms. I seek to paint the silent transformations and the roars of volcanic depths; wherein a sovereign nature simultaneously exhales life and destruction.
This whole incident has been a lesson to be content in minimum, respect Nature and be positive.

Loomba is a senior research fellow, a visual artist and a scholar


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  • In solitude inward journey commences

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