Prince Public School student Gaurika wins accolades as sustainability accelerator

 Prince Public School student Gaurika wins accolades as sustainability accelerator

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Stepping stones always lead to a trail of success and this has been aptly proven right by Gaurika, a student of Class X of Prince Public School, Budh Vihar, Delhi  who became  the top scorer of the highly acclaimed ‘Sustainability Accelerator’ program Cohort 2, organized by CBSE in association with Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail. The ‘Sustainability Accelerator’ program is one of the most coveted initiatives that aims to promote and recognize innovative projects and ideas focused on sustainability and making a positive impact on our environment and society on the whole, especially among the youth.

The programme rolled out in the form of a competition that had more than 18,000 students and 3,500 schools across India. Here, the students were first educated on identifying and recognising a problem persisting and consequently evolving an innovative prototype as a solution. Gaurika’s field of interest lay in differently abled children. Her focus was on the hearing impaired. She felt an urgent requirement for evolving an AI triggered prototype which shall convert the educational YouTube videos to sign language so that the students with hearing impairment could also benefit in the same way as others did  by now having the same ease of access to YouTube tutorial videos. Gaurika named her proto type ‘Signify’. She along with her teachers and under the guidance of the HOS worked closely with the students with hearing impairment not just to evolve this prototype but improve it as well.

“We have been striving hard to inculcate the essence of sustainability among the students since long and CBSE’s Sustainability Accelerator Program came as a benchmark for the youth to exhibit their skills and knowledge on a bigger platform,” says the school principal Lakshmi Venkatesh.

“It is a matter of great pride for us to boast of the untiring efforts of our teachers coupled with the perseverance and grit of our student that has helped us win along. We now know for sure that we have miles to go and millions of accolades to win,” she adds.


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  • Many many congratulations to this shy yet determined girl with grit and perseverance.
    Yes, this is a proud moment for all the teachers and the revered HOS Ms. Lakshmi Venkatesh who left no stone unturned to ensure that Gaurika gets all the guidance that was required to stand up to the expectations of the competition.
    I am proud to be a part of Prince Public School, Budh Vihar as we are blooming in the correct direction and a heartfelt thanks to Lakshmi ma’am for being the best mentor one can think of.

  • Students of Prince Public school Budh vihar really work very hard, and their efforts are pretty incredible. We are extremely proud of you GAURIKA. Kudos 👍👏👏 Congratulations to all the Princians 😊

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