Positive change in attitude

 Positive change in attitude

Yagnesh Gupta

At this juncture of national lockdown where the government has given some relaxations from today, the biggest takeaway from the Covid-19 pandemic for us is the fact that we, Indians, have realised that we are capable of handling most difficult of situations, that we are stronger than we ever realised and that we will fight off corona from India soon.

In this crisis situation, the way most Indians have remained calm and followed the directions of the government is commendable and praiseworthy. We also must acknowledge the steps taken and plans implemented by the government for one and all to handle such a challenging situation.

Though the initial period of lockdown was used by most for relaxation and enjoyment but then it taught us many things, especially the change in our attitude from kya fark padta hai or what difference does it make to fark padta hai (it does make a difference). The difference between what is right and wrong for us.

Then we have realised that there were a lot many things we could do ourselves but were either dependent on someone or sought someone’s help for it. Now, we easily do it on our own. In fact, every family member has started contributing in daily chores equally. Then the utility factor of mobile phones, televisions, laptops and social media apps in our daily lives has come to fore. Imagine surviving this period of lockdown without all these gadgets and services?

Finally, a big thanks on behalf of all Indians to all the Corona Warriors. They are the real heroes.

Gupta works with a manufacturing unit in Kota, Rajasthan


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