Modi all set to return as PM

 Modi all set to return as PM

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Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi? NDA or UPA? Even as we await the results of the General Elections 2019, to be declared on May 23, to know who will head the country for the next five years, renowned astrologer and Vastu consultant Pt Kuldeep Chaturvedi is confident that it is Narendra Modi will return to power.
Speaking to from Udaipur, Pt Chaturvedi predicts the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is likely to get anywhere between 242 and 252 Lok Sabha seats this time. With its allies, he says, this figure is likely to be between 286 and 304. He also says that two political outfits from down South are likely to join hands with the BJP. “My analysis is non-political and based on the astrological charts of the country and the present-day Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he shares.
Pt Chaturvedi, a veteran with over three-decades of astrology experience behind him, says the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is not likely perform well this time too. And this interest in one another at this stage will end as soon as the results are announced. “They will all return to their respective ‘power centres’ without any gains. The Congress, though, is likely to show a slight improvement as compared to last time — from 44 seats in 2014, it is likely to reach the 70 mark this time. But the 134-year-old party will not be able to breach the century-mark in any case,” he says.

Pt Kuldeep Chaturvedi predicts the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is likely to get anywhere between 242 and 252 Lok Sabha seats this time

On the performance of Rahul Gandhi from his age-old bastion of Amethi, Pt Chaturvedi says the Gandhi scion will lose to Union Minister Smriti Irani. “He is not winning from Amethi for sure,” he says confidently.
Modi, discloses Pt Chaturvedi, will be under pressure from the alliance parties for the first 18 months as the Prime Minister this time. “These parties will ask him to finalise some policies on their terms and conditions but once this period ends, everything will be fine. The government will complete its full term successfully,” he shares.
“Modi’s horoscope shows a retrograde Saturn which is a good sign as in such a situation the planet lends a lot of power to the person, as will happen in case of Modi,” he avers. Modi, he says, will remain an excellent performer, both nationally and internationally, and will augur well for the country in the coming years.


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