10m air rifle Gold winner has Mehuli Ghosh has a packed schedule ahead

 10m air rifle Gold winner has Mehuli Ghosh has a packed schedule ahead

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Bananas for energy and steady shooting during the 24 shots final were two key points that enabled West Bengal’s Mehuli Ghosh dominate women’s 10m air rifle event here at the Mandrem Shooting Ranges during the ongoing 37th National Games.

“I had planned to win gold here in Goa. I’m glad that I was successful in achieving my goal,” the elated West Bengal rifle shooter said. Mehuli’s performance graph at Mandrem Shooting Ranges was very steady. She shot a total of 633.1 points to lead the qualification chart.

Since the gap between the final and the qualification wasn’t that long, she only consumed bananas to replenish her energy and then started her gold medal campaign with a very steady score of 53.3 points in the first five shots to race ahead of her rivals, including Nancy of Haryana and Swati Chowdhary of West Bengal.

While Mehuli’s rivals tried to put pressure on her, the youngster was steady and gradually tighten her grip over the gold medal.

Mehuli shot 253.7 in the final to win gold, while Nancy of Haryana won silver with 251.0 points. Swati Chowdhary of West Bengal edged out Shriyanka Sadangi of Odisha to win bronze with a score of 229.4 points.

Mehuli, one of the 13 shooters who have won 2024 Paris Olympic Games quota place, plans to achieve more perfection in the finals leading up to the major competition of 2024. Mehuli said, steady shooting in the finals is what she wants to aim for in the future.

According to the talented West Bengal rifle shooter, an error in the medal round at the Hangzhou Asian Games cost her dearly. “It was important for me to shoot a good score here in the finals,” she added. “I made a mistake in the finals of the Hangzhou Asian Games and couldn’t win an individual medal.”

Mehuli has a packed calendar ahead and she is mentally prepared for that. She will compete at the Doha World Cup Finals on November 18. Immediately after the Doha competition, she will compete in the National Shooting Championships in the third week of November at Delhi’s Karni Singh Shooting Ranges. While in December she will compete in the national selection trials.

“My future plan is to focus on steady scores in the final,” she added. “Improving fitness and staying healthy to deliver the goods at the right time in 2024 are other two key areas I’ve to focus on.”


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