International Women’s Day: Diversity & Inclusion drive economic growth

 International Women’s Day: Diversity & Inclusion drive economic growth

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This International Women’s Day theme is Invest in women: Accelerate progress. Lets take a look at what professionals across different streams have to say about it:

Meenal Patole, Director – Programmes, WaterAid India
As we commemorate International Women’s Day, it is imperative to reflect upon the extraordinary journey that women have traversed worldwide, particularly in the realm of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH). In the relentless pursuit of safeguarding these fundamental benefits for their families, communities, and future generations, women have consistently stood at the vanguard of this movement. Their resilience, persistence, and unwavering commitment to the cause are nothing short of remarkable.
Within the WASH sector, women are transcending traditional roles as mere caregivers and providers; they are emerging as leaders and catalysts for change. Through concerted community mobilisation efforts, impactful lobbying campaigns, and grassroots projects, they are challenging societal norms and championing gender-inclusive laws and programmes. Their voices resonate, their perspectives are esteemed, and their contributions are acknowledged on a global scale. Very aptly President Draupadi Murmu’s address last year also underscored the crucial role played by women in rural India in advancing both the Jal Jeevan Mission and the Swachh Bharat Mission. Their contributions through Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and community-based organisations have been instrumental in the missions’ success.

Subburathinam P, Chief Strategy Officer, TeamLease Services Limited
At TeamLease, we believe that diversity and inclusion are not only the right thing to do but also the smart thing to do. We are committed to creating a culture where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to bring their best selves to work. We recognize women’s vital role in driving innovation, growth, and social impact across various sectors. That is why we are proud to support and celebrate women at work and to foster their inclusion and advancement in our organization and beyond.

Indrani Chatterjee, Group Chief Human Resources Officer, Allcargo Group
The theme of this year’s International Women’s Day highlights the importance of equality and equal representation of women in the workforce and entrepreneurship to drive economic growth that can have a far-reaching impact on our society. With technology emerging as a key enabler for mobility, communications, workplace efficiency, education, etc., it’s about time companies need to work towards building a robust foundation for greater women participation in the workforce, creating pathways for a robust economic growth.
Logistics has always been a service-driven industry. Given the dynamic nature of the industry, it is extremely encouraging to see that more and more logistics companies are emphasising the role of inclusivity in driving innovation, service competency as well as industry and economic growth. Logistics companies are no longer employing women only in soft-skill driven roles. Women representation is gradually growing in skill and expertise-focussed roles, both in entry-level operations-centric profiles and leadership positions. In line with this year’s theme of International Women’s Day – Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress, we need to further broaden our perspective towards training and deploying more women professionals, as a robust women participation in the logistics workforce will further strengthen the industry service delivery capabilities. We should continue working towards building a convenient workplace environment along with offering comprehensive training and mentorships to women professionals to firm up workforce diversity.

Nita Kapoor, CEO, International Spirits and Wines Association of India (ISWAI)
This International Women’s Day, let’s redefine success. It’s not just about shattering glass ceiling, it’s about building a world where every ceiling is within reach for all women. By empowering women in under-represented sectors, we unlock the full potential of our businesses, communities, and the world itself.

Kartik Iyer, Head of Human Resources at Covestro (India) Private Limited
As we commemorate International Women’s Day under the theme that inspires inclusion, let us take a moment to honour the extraordinary accomplishments of women while reaffirming our commitment to fostering environments where every voice is not only heard but also respected and valued. At Covestro, we recognize that genuine progress stems from inclusivity. Let this day serve as a reminder of our shared obligation to empower and champion women in all spheres of life, ensuring they have equal opportunities to excel and make meaningful contributions to our communities and workplaces. Together, let us champion inclusion today and every day.

Kavita Desai, Head- Corporate Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility and DE&I India Leader at Covestro (India) Private Limited
At Covestro India, fostering an ethos of inclusivity is ingrained in our DNA. We cultivate a dynamic environment where every individual’s perspective is cherished, fostering their active participation in our collective journey. Our commitment to diversity, equality, and inclusion permeates all facets of our operations. Through CSR initiatives like ‘Katalyst’ and ‘Manobal’, we actively champion this cause. For instance, our partnership with the Katalyst program, in collaboration with Human Capital for Third Sector, empowers undergraduate women, equipping them with the skills and confidence to excel in their careers and assume leadership roles. Similarly, our ‘Manobal’ initiative operates as a national-level residential training centre, pioneering an inclusive education model for the differently abled, and underprivileged. By embedding these values in our culture and initiatives, we steadfastly uphold our pledge to integrate Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion into every aspect of Covestro India’s journey, and we eagerly welcome more collaborators to join us on this transformative path.

Reny Varghese, CAO of Zynova Shalby Hospitals
Women are true heroes in every sense, embodying strength, resilience, and boundless creativity in all that they pursue. The significant presence of women in hospital staff roles is a positive trend that brings diverse perspectives and skills to the healthcare industry. Women bring unique contributions to problem-solving and decision-making processes, leading to more innovative approaches to patient care. Their achievements serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication and innate abilities. It is time to recognize, respect, love, and appreciate these incredible women for their remarkable efforts. The world becomes more vibrant when women are given the space to thrive and shine in all fields. Women, often dubbed as the backbone of society, play a crucial role in driving positive change and progress. Their unique perspectives and innate abilities empower them to initiate transformative actions that benefit not only themselves but also those around them. By challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers, women pave the way for a more inclusive and equitable future for all members of society. Let us celebrate these trailblazers who inspire us daily with their brilliance and passion.

Yuvraj Shidhaye, Founder and Director, TreadBinary
As we reflect on the strides made in gender equity within our organization, International Women’s Day 2024’s theme ‘Inspire Inclusion’ resonates strongly. In the tech industry,where women make up only 28.8% of the global workforce, emphasizes the urgency for continued efforts. Much like Kalpana Chawla’s journey to space, Anna Chandy’s journey to become the first female judge, Savitribai Phule’s dedication to education, and Anandi Gopal Joshi’s voyage to be the first Indian Women to qualify as a medical doctor in western medicine, our aim is to inspire inclusion and empower women to thrive in every aspect of our organization. Letting their stories serve as a reminder, we reaffirm our commitment to bridge the gender gap and foster a culture that not only acknowledges diversity but actively promotes inclusion.


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