Does International Women’s Day really help promote the cause of women?

 Does International Women’s Day really help promote the cause of women?

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On the International Women’s Day today, we asked a few women entrepreneurs, as to what does the day mean to them, and if it really helps promote the cause of women. And this is what they have to say:

Stuti Jalan, Founder, Women Inspiring Network

International Women's Day 2023
As the founder of Women Inspiring Network (WIN), International Women’s Day is an important day for me. Women’s Day is a reminder that we need to continue the fight for gender equality and acknowledge the achievements and contributions of women around the world.
To me, Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the power and potential of women. It’s an opportunity to recognise the progress we’ve made and the work that still needs to be done to achieve gender equality. It is a time to come together to address the challenges that women face and create a better future for all. I strongly believe that while Women’s Day serves as a good reminder for everything, we must act as though every day is Women’s Day and make strides through our actions for the overall betterment and growth.
Through events, campaigns, and discussions, we can educate others about the challenges that women face and advocate for policies and programs that promote gender equality. Here at WIN, we aim to host and lead such initiatives to help women reach their highest potential. Women’s Day can be a powerful tool for change, and I believe it is essential in promoting the cause of women.

Shailja Dutt, Founder & CEO, Stellar Search

For me it’s a day to celebrate achievements, give a shout out to women who inspire. It’s a day that reinforces the message to all empowered women (and men) that we must pave the way, make the world a better, safer, more equitable place for the generations of women that will follow us.

Nidhi Modi, Founder & CEO, Mamily

Womens day is not about making women feel they are strong for one day. They are already strong. It’s about changing the way the world perceives there strength and reminding society that you cannot succeed when you leave behind 50% of the world. It’s important to have such occasions to ensure the ones without the courage to voice get heard and represented via such occasions.

Taranjeet Kaur, Head Nutritionist & Program Manager, Metabolic Balance India

International Women’s Day is a call-to-action day that encourages people globally to stand with women for their rights, strengthen their protection, encourage women for full participation and leadership in different sectors of our society & have better health. For me, being a clinical nutritionist and a certified Metabolic Balance consultant, a woman’s health is a top priority. If the woman is healthy, she can take the charge of fulfilling her dreams and encourage her family to be in a better state of health. Usually, women are careful with the family but when it comes to their own health, they take a back seat due to which they suffer from anemia, osteoporosis, imbalance of hormones etc. Let us bring more awareness and action so that our women take care of having balanced meals, keeping themselves well-hydrated, exercising regularly, and getting adequate sleep.  We as consultants are extremely happy when a woman comes for a consult as it assures us that she will take care of her health and her family’s health will also be sorted! I understand that a single day can’t change everything but it is surely good to start, work and bring awareness so that the efforts can be continued 365 days of the year and bring changes that are planned & conceptualized on this day!! Happy Women’s Day

Payal Jain, Fashion Designer

I believe Women should be celebrated today and every day, they are the creators of our future generations, and the values, morals and ethics they uphold will create a kinder, more compassionate and sustainable world for all.


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