India’s workplaces offer gender equality

 India’s workplaces offer gender equality

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There is good news, and that is as a society we are on a growth path in positive direction. This is more so when we consider working women.

Despite all the negative news items that keep pouring in about women’s sexual harassment, India’s workplace is offering equal growth opportunity to its women employees. Yes, millennial women believe they do not face workplace discrimination!

More than 90% of India’s young working women believe they get equal opportunities regardless of the gender they belong to!

These are the findings of a recent survey done by Talentedge, India’s leading Ed-Tech firm. The survey was conducted amongst women professionals across four metros and four Tier-2 cities.

At work, say women, there is   gender equality and they are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities as their male counterparts.

As per Talentedge’s survey, more than 90% of India’s young working women (those below 29 years of age) believe they get equal opportunities regardless of the gender, however the number drops down to 60% when women over the age of 30 years are asked the same question.

This shows older women have experienced discrimination in their career but things have changed vastly in the last one decade and Millenials, therefore, feel differently.

This could be one reason as to why the Millennials are more positive at their workplace as compared to older women.

Another interesting fact is that while Millennial women do not feel that marriage and mortherhood will affect their career, older women do feel it could have significant impact.

Gender equality is crucial to country’s economic health. The findings of the survey show that as a country we are moving in a right direction.


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