I’m spending time reading, meditating

 I’m spending time reading, meditating

Ruchita Bansal

I too have seen forwards where people are doing all the weird and funny things to spend their time and make people laugh — from counting the number of holes in a Marie biscuit to trimming grass in the lawn with the help of a comb and scissors to how much time the fan takes to stop after being switched off. During these tough times, we need such lighter moments to believe that it’s going to get better soon. As responsible citizens of the country, we have to obey the rules and stay home.
The quarantine session has given all of us a lot of time to contemplate on things. It has given me some time to stop, think and do things which I generally was not able to do. As far as I am concerned, spending time with my family was challenging due to my work commitments. Over the last few days, I am trying to spend some precious time with my family. At first, it took me couple of days to figure out and actually believe that suddenly I have so much of time to myself and what to do with it because ‘time’ has always been a luxury for me.
My family and I love to play board games whenever we all are together — that is the way we bond and make precious memories. For the last few days that’s what all is happening. Apart from that, I am spending time reading, meditating and thinking about what new we can bring to the table for the next season. We usually work on our new collections during this time. It’s the time when we, as a team, sit together and get our creative juices flowing so that we can offer something unique and out-of-the-box to our clients. Even during these tough times, my team and I are brainstorming and working towards creative liberty.

Bansal is founder and creative director, Izhaar


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