I managed to act like a man for years: Nithu RS

 I managed to act like a man for years: Nithu RS

Miss Trans Queen India 2019 winner NITHU RS talks to SAURABH TANKHA about her orthodox family, troubled childhood and overcoming challenges to become country’s first trans tattoo artist

It was a fortnight back that Nithu RS was crowned Miss Trans Queen India 2019 in New Delhi. Hailing from Bengaluru in Karnataka, Nithu’s says her childhood was completed devastated and been through lots of ups and downs. She says it was a challenging period of her life with loads of harassment and bullying. However, she goes on to add that her elder sister, Sheela, was her life support and motivated her no ends during this phase. Excerpts from an interview

When did you realise that you were a woman hidden in a man’s body?
I realised at age seven where I saw a difference in my body language and feelings between a man and a woman. However, since I come from an orthodox family background, it was very difficult for me to open up with anyone.
How has been the attitude of society, especially your immediate and extended family towards you all these years?
I managed to act like a man for years but felt that I was fooling myself and decided to start a business and then open up. Eventually, I opened tattoo studios, beauty parlours and an authentic restaurant.
What was the reaction back home when you told them about your decision to contest Miss Trans Queen India 2019?
I told my mother first that there is this pageant happening and she instantly said I should go for the contest. So with the support from my parents, friends and family, I stepped into Miss Trans Queen India 2019. Not only this, they voted for me and supported me.

Your reactions on Section 377…
DEMOLISHED. Yes, Section 377 was demolished on September 6 last year. I am proud to be an Indian! What a piece of news to wake up to! Love has no rules or conditions.., and that’s how it should be! It takes no compromise to give people their rights… it takes no money to respect the individual. It takes no political deal to give people freedom.
A day in your life…
My day starts with yoga and fitness and a healthy breakfast. After that I go to my restaurant and then the salon in the afternoon and in the evenings, I take care of the tattoo studio. I mingle with my staff and motivate them to work hard and keep the customers happy. On weekends, I go out with friends because without them and my family, I wouldn’t have reached where I have.


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