Survey to assess how global trends are impacting Indian wedding ecosystem

 Survey to assess how global trends are impacting Indian wedding ecosystem

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The Indian wedding ecosystem has been transforming at a rapid rate, thanks to the influence of movies, international trends, celebrity weddings and tech accessibility increasing. To assess the impact, WeddingWire India, the Indian subsidiary of wedding technology platform The Knot Worldwide, conducted a consumer survey across the globe. As many as 25,000 respondents from 15 countries participated in the survey. And the results that came out show key trends that are shaping the new-age Indian wedding landscape, such as bridesmaid speeches & cocktails parties etc. It also explores the changing psyche of young couples and how that impacts the ecosystem as a whole.

Living Together pre-marriage
Over-time couples have realised the importance of living together before marriage and how it can strengthen their bond. While the trend is at a nascent stage in India, our international survey conducted with over 25k respondents from 15 countries including India, the US, the UK, and Brazil amongst others revealed that 15 per cent of urban Indian couples are influenced by the trend. The trend is led by France and Spain where 91 per cent of couples surveyed have lived together pre-marriage. India along with Brazil and Mexico are the countries that are in the bottom 3 due to differing social expectations.

Wedding announcements through social media
The trend of announcing engagement and wedding news online is gaining popularity in India, following the footsteps of countries like the US and UK. Our statistics reveal that a significant portion of Indians, approximately 57 per cent, choose to share their engagement and wedding announcements through the widely used messaging platform, WhatsApp. This shift towards digital platforms highlights the growing reliance on technology for communication and the convenience it offers in reaching a broader network of friends and family.

Emphasis on venues
Traditionally, Indian couples and their families would host weddings in their homes. In Tier-2, 3 cities and rural India, this trend was even more prevalent. However, as the size of the guest list is reducing and couples and their families are spending more time on creating memorable experiences, organised wedding venues such as farmhouses, and banquet lawns are picking up. Overall, there’s an uptick in demand for banquet halls. In 2022, 56 per cent of Indians opted for banquet halls as wedding venues. Interestingly, US data showcases similar statistics with banquet halls & dedicated event spaces being the most popular choice.

Bride and Groom Performances
One global trend gaining immense popularity in India is the inclusion of couple dances during weddings. Wedding choreographers have emerged as a prominent influence, igniting an enthusiastic response and infusing vibrant energy into Indian weddings. At least 20 per cent of Indian couples follow the global trend of a “First Dance” during their wedding.

Lighter-Day Weddings
Another evolving trend is the shift towards lighter-day weddings. Traditionally, Indian weddings would commence in the evening and extend into the following morning. However, influenced by Hollywood movies and celebrities, more individuals are opting for daytime ceremonies. This trend promotes a more relaxed atmosphere and allows for greater enjoyment of the festivities. This also allows for aesthetic photoshoots. Photography is the top hired category in the world, and the India statistics stands with 83 per cent couples hiring photographers for weddings.

Catering Formats
In addition to menu choices, global inspiration has influenced catering formats in Indian weddings. European-style sit-down meals, featuring artisanal table set-ups, have become highly sought after, particularly for intimate weddings involving the bride, groom, and their immediate circle of family and friends.

Aesthetic Set-Up
Curated mood boards, unique themes, and inventive floral arrangements are becoming increasingly prevalent. Across countries, the majority are using Pinterest at least occasionally for planning. In India, Instagram is the #1 resource for wedding inspiration with 52 per cent couples opting the same; surpassing Pinterest by 11 per cent.


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