Getting back to reading again

 Getting back to reading again

Amita Dua

All these years, everything seemed to be going fine. Everything and everyone seemed to be busy with their routines. Life, in general, seemed to be calm and beautiful. And then one day, before one could even realise, everything went topsy-turvy. Life was so calm and beautiful unless one day, everything just stopped. And everything just changed. This is exactly what happened with my life too. The daily routine one was used to all these years just took a different curve.

During this period of lockdown, the one big advantage I realised was that I could get back to my long lost love for reading. Over the years, with a family to look after, there was hardly any time to pursue the habit which I had developed during my school days. And when I started scanning the titles on offer, I found that I had missed so much and there was so much to catch up on. So, I have got back to reading majorly.

What’s interesting to note is that no one is complaining and adjusting to this new regimen of mine. I also get to spend more time with my family as no one seems to be in a rush as was the case earlier. Life, on occasions, can take various curves and turns like a train heading to a destination does. I just hope and pray that this destination that we are all set for is a beautiful, pleasant and peaceful one minus pain and troubles.

Amita is a homemaker


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