For now, it is reading, cooking and writing

 For now, it is reading, cooking and writing


I live in New Delhi with my mother and a helper. Work is totally closed — our factory and store are closed till April 15. Only my design team is working with on new concepts and doing some research.
At home, we try staying in our respective rooms and we are not allowing anyone from outside enter home, apart from the delivery person who delivers the basic needs at the doorstep. We ensuring we wash our hands regularly, eat healthy and drink a lot of warm liquids.
We go out only if there is something very essential is required.
I, over the past four months, had started to learn cooking. As there is a lot of time at hand, I am trying out my hand at creating new dishes. I recently cooked Soya Changezi with a rich gravy which is conventionally used for non-veg but as I have turned vegetarian, I used soya.
I am reading a lot too these days — from autobiographies to thrillers. I am also planning to write a book on my journey which will cover the challenges one faces as a designer and how can one overcome them. The book will also amplify the rich craft India has and how more designers are needed to take it further.

Gupta is a Delhi-based designer


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