Godrej Food Trends Report 2024 reveals exciting tea trends

 Godrej Food Trends Report 2024 reveals exciting tea trends

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Tea, one of the world’s oldest and most beloved beverages, has an enduring charm that transcends cultures and generations. Celebrated annually on May 21, International Tea Day is a global infusion of tradition and innovation, a day where every sip is a celebration of the diverse tapestry of cultures united by their love for this timeless beverage. As International Tea Day approaches, tea enthusiasts globally prepare to honour this cherished drink. Whether it’s a soothing cup of herbal infusion, a robust Masala Chai, or a refreshing tea-based fermented drink, there’s something for every palate to celebrate.

To elevate your tea experience this year, the Godrej Food Trends Report 2024 curated by Godrej Vikhroli Cucina provides invaluable insights into the latest trends shaping the tea industry. Compiled by over 190 thought leaders, including renowned celebrity chefs, influential bloggers, and expert nutritionists, this report offers a comprehensive guide to savouring tea in innovative and delightful ways.


Masala Chai and Its Variants: According to 73 per cent of experts, Masala Chai is making a grand comeback, bringing with it an array of exciting variations. This beloved classic is set to charm both traditionalists and adventurers alike, offering a delightful journey through a symphony of spiced flavours that evoke nostalgia while inviting exploration.

Tea-Based Fermented Drinks: Well-being is taking the spotlight, with 64 per cent of experts forecasting a surge in tea-based fermented drinks. These gut-friendly beverages promise not only health benefits but also a unique and refreshing taste experience, making them a hit among those seeking both wellness and flavour.

Herbal and Wellness Teas: Wellness teas are set to soar, catering to specific health goals and mindful indulgence. As predicted by 64 per cent of experts, herbal teas will flourish, offering a plethora of flavours and therapeutic benefits. These natural infusions are perfect for those who desire both delicious taste and holistic well-being.

Sustainable Packaging: Eco-friendly is the new buzzword, with 71 per cent of experts emphasizing the need for sustainable packaging. This trend highlights a growing environmental consciousness and a shift towards responsible consumption. Expect to see more teas packaged in innovative, planet-friendly materials that reflect a commitment to a greener future.

“Tea is more than just a beverage; it’s a cultural touchstone that connects people across the globe, transcending generations and traditions,” says Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Managing Director of A Perfect Bite Consulting and Editor of the annual Godrej Food Trends Report. “This International Tea Day, our report highlights the exciting evolution of tea, from the heartwarming resurgence of Masala Chai to the innovative rise of tea-based fermented drinks. As we embrace sustainable packaging and the growing popularity of wellness teas, we’re not only celebrating the rich flavours and health benefits of tea but also our collective commitment to a more conscious and connected world.”


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