‘Don’t need crores to help others, just a willing heart’

 ‘Don’t need crores to help others, just a willing heart’

Saurabh Tankha

As a kid, he used to give away the mustard oil his mother gave him to pour on the statue of Shani Dev (Saturn God) at the temple to a poor family who lived nearby. That habit of helping others didn’t go away as Brajesh Pathak grew up. In fact, it only strengthened.

And, now with the world facing Covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent period of lockdown, Brajesh, along with a small group of friends and family members (they call themselves Humanity Mirror), has once again got up to help those in need. He has a target of distributing food to at least 200 people in Gurugram slums every day, ably helped by a Gurugram restaurant owner.

While Brajesh is the face of the group, other members are equally important. These include his elder brother, Amit Pathak, who works in Dubai, his mother, Indra Devi, who supports him in everything he does (I never saw my father as I was only three months old when he died, says Brajesh), his friend Girish Sehgal, and his brother Yakesh Sehgal and Priyank Soni, a distributor of paneer in Gurugram.

www.lifeandmore.in had an extended chat with Pathak:

When was Humanity Mirror formed and what all activities did you undertake?
We started the group on FB (https://www.facebook.com/Makadresponsiblehuman/), in 2015. Our first activity was distribution of woollen clothes in winter months. After that we organised a New Year Eve party in slum areas, and distributed new clothes. We have been distributing food on Diwali and New Year since 2016. We even helped a woman open a shop and get her four children admitted to school. I had come across this woman in front of a mall in Mathura wherein she was selling some knick-knacks. I asked her if she would like to have a steady source of income, and she happily said yes. The rest followed.

When do you distribute food during this period of lockdown?
During lunch hours (between 1 and 2 pm), we visit Sheetala Colony, Rajeev Colony and cover places where people live on footpaths. We try to cover new areas every day where we get calls from. We have shared our contact numbers with our network so we get information on where people need food.

What happens when your last packet has been given out and more people are in queue?
It has happened thrice in recent past. We are now connected with three other groups who do the same – distribute food so when we run short, we seek their help. 

When did the idea of helping the underprivileged strike and how did you go about it?
It was always there in my heart. I believe if you have the intention to help, things happen automatically. When I started, I was alone. Then friends and family members joined. Now, every time we undertake such an effort, people come forward to support us. Our intention of helping people is to bring change in society. We, my brother and me, have a collection box wherein we collect money to help people on a monthly basis. When we need to execute it, more money is added. We also ask our associates to support us, financially and physically.

How did you get in touch with Joshiji?
Joshiji is the owner of a hotel near main bus stand of Gurugram. We knew him because of Priyank Soni as Joshiji buys paneer from him. We approached him for support in this cause, and he happily agreed at once, without asking anything. Most people are helpful, when they see your intentions are pure.

Are you getting cooperation from the administration?
That the police have allowed us to distribute food is a huge help in itself.

What is the reaction back home when your team is out during the lockdown period?
All our families have supported us in what we are doing. Sometimes, they do get concerned and ask us to stop we mitigate their worries by explaining how we are doing it all very safely; they agree and we continue our journey.  

Anything you would want to share with our readers…
Helping others need a big and kind heart and everyone can and should do this. We don’t need crores to help other people but just a willing heart. I hope enough people get inspired by reading this and begin contributing towards social welfare.


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