De-stress your Father

 De-stress your Father

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‘Father’ for kids is usually strict and confined personality as they don’t discuss about their problems easily. No matter how hard their day goes at work, fathers never slack on their duty as our Heroes.
Thanking your father with flowers and gifts is not just enough. This Father’s Day, express your love and respect for him through your gestures and make him feel special.
Spiritual Healer Dr. Madhu Kotiya suggests the following tips to de-stress the hardworking fathers and award them a relaxing and healthy experience.

Emotional Stress
Having surfaced our busy schedules, being around our loved ones elevates togetherness. Accompany your father to the meditation class to expel the pessimism throughout.

Personal Touch
Give him a nice head or foot massage by yourself to let him relax. The magic in your personal touch would not only help him de – stress or unbend but also take your relation to another level.

Rejuvenation Redefined
Gift him a Rejuvenation Spray, a mixture of essential oils that is charged with prayers to relax people. This would help your father lighten and ease out after a tiring day. This will help him to blend into the uniform routine and forget about the work stress.

Spend some quality time
Plan a surprise dinner for your hero. Dine with him at his favourite restaurant or prepare a meal at home with love to bring the broadest grin on his face. You can do wonders while you cook food with positive attitudes and feelings, because this positivity will be transferred to those who eat the food. Visualising peace and harmony for your father while you cook the food will start manifesting when he eats and the positive vibes will reach him.

All these gestures from you would not only make your father feel special and loved but also feel proud of you on how you chose expressions over materialistic gifts for him.


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