Creating raga while helping wife with domestic chores

 Creating raga while helping wife with domestic chores

Tarun Bhattacharya

I am utilising the isolation period most creatively. I have my Santoor Ashram in USA and I take online classes from my studio in Kolkata and the classes are in full swing. Apart from my students across India taking online video classes, I have never spent so much quality time on social media interacting and giving my opinion on matters and watching television news more to get updated.
Helping my wife Sanchita with domestic chores also takes up a lot of time with our maid being given a paid leave. I keep watching performances and musical shows of Indian music legends on youtube.
I created Raga Ganga based on the Swachch Ganga two years back and I am composing my second Raga spending quality time with my family and extended family members which was next to impossible otherwise so this home quarantine time is like blessing in such sad times.
My advice to those who are getting bored at home and coming out to destroy our beautiful world is to do positive things which we don’t usually do due to lack of time. Do all of them now. Please don’t harm others and follow the Government’s advice of social distancing and home isolation.

Bhattacharya is Indian classical musician who plays the santoor
and is the winner of Sangeet Natak Akademi Award 2019


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