Corona Virus bhajan goes viral

 Corona Virus bhajan goes viral

For decades, bhajan veteran Narendra Chanchal has enthralled one and all with his religious songs. Now, a video of the singer of the iconic song Chalo bulava aaya hai, mata ne bulaya hai… and many such bhajans, which he sang at a Holi function in New Delhi recently is going viral. The reason: the focus is on the talk of the world – Corona Virus.
The opening line of the song goes:
Dengue bhi aaya, swine flu bhi aaya
Chikungunya ne shor machaya
Khabre ki ki ho na
O kitthon aaya corona
Maiya ji, kitthon aaya corona
Available on YouTube, Chanchal talks of the importance of hand hygiene in the song, emphasising on the importance of use of hand sanitisers and importance of washing hands.


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