Be creative and constructive

 Be creative and constructive

Archana Aggarwal 

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, it is very important to be relaxed and release the anxiety by opting for activities that interest you or the ones which you always wanted to indulge in but could never do due to paucity of time. Though it is tough for a professional to be home and not do anything but then there is no option at his point in time. So it is better to enjoy this period of lockdown by doing something creative and constructive for a better tomorrow.

I have been unwinding all these day by doing yoga and gardening. Most importantly, my family and me have made the most of this time by connecting with each other which we haven’t been able to do all these years due to our respective schedules. Social media has played an important role and has been the platform to connect with my patrons and friends, not only for business but also as a tool to motivate others through meaningful messages.

On work front, I have been sketching new designs for my upcoming jewellery collection so that when we are back in business, we are back with a bang and loaded with lots of new designs.

The period has helped me rediscover my culinary skills and whether I have been successful with it or not, I shall leave for my husband and kids to decide.

Archana is a jewellery designer


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