A Wounded Mother…

 A Wounded Mother…

Niraj Gera

She paid for her forbearance, she paid for being your Mother,
Bruised, pained & broken, she badly needs to recover,

Exploited by your greed, collapsed by your deeds,
She surrendered all her assets, for your ever-growing needs,

Ransacked with your wants & never-ending desires,
Her soul was also sold, to expand your empires,

Her wounds were flayed, sorrowing her heart,
Her wailing was ignored, you never gave a thought,

A healing & tending mother, now longs to be healed,
Your reality is disclosed, and ugliness revealed,

Strangled with your evils, she won’t take it anymore,
Enough is enough! It’s time to settle the score,

You left her no option, she confined your moves,
No wandering, no noises, till everything improves,

Your extinction was never a part of her plan,
She will still be a saviour, as much as she can,

Her recovery was rejoiced by every other creature,
‘Wake Up, before it’s too late’ warned the Mother Nature!

Gera is a social documentary photographer, social activist, life coach and motivational speaker


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