A considerable time goes cleaning the house

 A considerable time goes cleaning the house

Subhojit Roy

A major part of my day goes writing a book on the biggest screen idol of Hindi cinema, Amitabh Bachchan. I have already started compiling details about Big B and his charitable causes. Tentatively titled Bachchan Gives, it is a tribute from a fan, follower and admirer of the man who is an inspiration through his work and charity. My association with Rotary and his endorsement of polio and its eradication from India in which he played an important role has inspired me. We can all see the proactive role he is playing as an awareness medium for UNICEF for COVID 19.
I have had a great time cooking as it is therapeutic for me since I live alone with no domestic help. Thanks to the lockdown, a considerable time goes in cleaning and washing the house. I am also catching up on a lot of reading material and presently reading, Poor Economics by Nobel laureates Abhijit V Banerjee and Esther Dufflo and finally catching up on a lot sleep. I urge people to follow the STAY AT HOME message strictly and we shall flatten the curve soon.

Roy is a media consultant and strategist


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